Auto Wrecks – Cars – Vans – Trucks – Trailers – Bikes – Farm Machinery – Aluminum Boats

We offer competitive prices for auto-wrecks, cars, vans, trucks, trailers, farm machinery, aluminum boats, bikes and more. Our yards have specialised lifting and cutting equipment, balers and crushers. We can efficiently off-load your scrap quickly and get you in-and-out, weighted, paid and on your way.

Vehicles being delivered to our yards must have the following removed.

  • All fluids (Oils, transmission, power steering and brake fluid reservoirs)
  • Fuel, coolant and refrigerant
  • Any other fluides (washer fluid, axle fluid)
  • Batteries and leads (we accept these separately)
  • Any light switches or components containing mercury
  • Air bag deployment canisters
  • No trash, dirt, excess tyres or general garbage

For help preparing your vehicles, please contact us.

Regional Vehicle Recycling

Do you have a large stockpile of vehicles? Sims Metals may be able to assist you with clearing up your site and removing these eyesores. Local councils, Aboriginal communities and local mechanics have all benefited from our regional vehicle recycling services. Learn more about our regional recycling program or contact us now for further information.

Regional Recycling Program

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