Manufacturing scrap is the metal waste created during the production of manufactured goods, or unused material surplus to the manufacturer’s requirements.

It includes everything from punched sheets, clippings, defect parts and wire trimmings to obsolete machinery and goods returned under trade-in schemes.

Sims provides metal recycling services in every state / territory in Australia.  Contact us today to arrange an onsite metal recycling consultation – minimum conditions apply

Manufacuturing Scrap

Materials Accepted

  • Metal turnings, borings, cuttings
  • Metal shearing, coils and casting
  • Decommissioned in-plant equipment and machinery
  • Defective production parts
  • Steel, copper, aluminum, brass and more

Industries We Serve

  • Machine shops
  • Window manufacturers
  • Vehicle manufacturers
  • Metal fabricators
  • Packaging operations
Bin Rental Information

Skip Bins

Used for small, heavy metals such as:

  • Steel machine punchings and turnings
  • Small, heavy gauge steel plate and offcuts
  • Large quantities of nuts and bolts
  • Sealed compressor units

Roll Off Bins

Available in a variety of sizes (site dependent) and primarily used for bulkier metal items such as:

  • Light gauge and whitegoods
  • Rebar
  • Steel skeleton plate
  • Pallet racking and store shelving
  • Steel and aluminum wheels
  • Car parts and motors
  • Corrugated steel roofing

Forklift Bin

Typically used for non-ferrous metals such as:

  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Copper solids
  • Insulated copper wire
  • Stainless steel

Metal Scrap Bins

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Certified Destruction

We provide verified destruction of proprietary equipment and products

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