Sims Limited has built a network of processing facilities, to fully support metal and electronics recycling in the Australasia region. View the information below about our operations in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea or find a location in your area.

Sims Metal Australia

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Sims Metal has grown to be the leading collector, processor and supplier of recycled metal in Australia. This is made possible through a network of 30 physical locations servicing all states and territories. Our processing capacity, which includes five fragmentisers, shears, balers and granulating plants, operates to the highest environmental and quality standards to produce products that are recognized and sought after throughout the world.

scrap metal handlingPNG Recycling Limited

PNG Recycling is one of Papua New Guinea’s leading metal recyclers, with operations in Port Moresby, Lae and Tabubil.

The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sims Limited. This strong corporate backing allows PNG Recycling to invest in plants and equipment that aim to provide customer specific metal, tyre, plastic and battery recycling solutions. It also allows PNG Recycling to draw on expertise from leading recycling operations throughout the world. Complementing this global strength, PNG Recycling has a mixture of experienced nationals and expat managers who have in depth knowledge of conducting business in Papua New Guinea.

As a subsidiary of a global market leader, PNG Recycling takes its responsibilities as a corporate citizen seriously and is fully compliant with all IPA license requirements. The company holds all necessary licenses for exporting materials under the auspices of the Basel and Waigani Treaties. It also demands the same strict adherence to the highest levels of safety and environmental responsibility in Papua New Guinea as it does in any other Sims Metal location.

PNG Recycling Locations

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Sims Pacific Metals

Sims Pacific Metals Limited has been servicing New Zealand since 1992. It combined Simsmetal Industries, a subsidiary of Sims Limited, the world’s leading metals recycler, with over 100 years involvement in recycling, and Fletcher Building, a major industrial company, active for over 35 years in New Zealand.

Today, Sims Pacific Metals has public recycling centres located throughout New Zealand providing a network of equipment, facilities, transport and communications that turn unwanted consumer items and industrial scrap into raw materials for manufacturing operations both in New Zealand and around the world.

When combined with Sims Limited, company operations in Australia and Papua New Guinea, Sims Pacific Metals is able to provide local or regional recycling solutions. You will find our team of experienced traders to be experts on the intricacies of scrap metal recycling. They build long term relationships by thoroughly understanding your scrap removal and collection needs and by recommending and implementing customized solutions that are designed to improve efficiency and the value of your scrap.

All of this is achieved using the strongest industry safety and environmental practices to satisfy stringent regulatory requirements. Sims Pacific Metals has a strong commitment to the environment, sustainability and the health of the communities in which we do business. In all aspects of the business, we strive to implement best practices and the ideals of our Safety, Health, Environment and Community (SHEC) Policy. We take seriously our efforts to be a good community and environmental partner.

Global ITAD, E-waste Recycling and Data Center Services

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Trusted Advisor

Our global services enable businesses, data centers and electronics manufacturers to retire IT assets and electronic equipment in a data secure and environmentally compliant manner. We provide chain of custody tracking and visibility into how assets are managed. Our data center decommissioning and on-site data destruction services are popular with data center managers. As a publicly traded company, our size, financial stability and status provide assurances that compliance and liability promises are backed by a stable and reputable company.

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Our Services

Our broad capabilities enable us to meet specific program requirements today and new initiatives tomorrow. We process a wide range of asset types, manage complex logistics, offer reuse and recycling services and provide verified data destruction across multiple form factors.

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Electronics Recycling and ITAD

Sims offers services for businesses and consumers.  The links below link to external websites, which provide more information about electronics recycling services offered by Sims.

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