Sims E-Recycling is the Australian e-waste division of Sims Lifecycle Services (SLS), the world’s leading electronics recycling organisation.

Sims E-Recycling offers true “end-of-life” recycling and IT asset disposition services guaranteeing you secure and environmentally friendly disposition of your electronic equipment and IT assets.

Business Services

We specialise in the total reuse and recycling of redundant computer equipment, TVs, mobile phones and all other electronic material often referred to under the collective heading – “E-Waste”.

Sims E-Recycling is a joint venture with Veolia Environmental Service, who, as a minority partner, assists in the provision of logistical services. We offer our clients a superior service to collect, reuse and recycle retired IT assets and electronics at our dedicated facilities throughout Australia. Part of an international network, we stand ready to support local, regional and global companies.

Get more information on our business services by visiting the Sims Lifecycle Services website.

Recycling Services for Consumers

Through EPSA, wholly owned by Sims Lifecycle Services, we offer convenient collection points accessible to households and small businesses Australia wide. EPSA is an approved co-regulatory arrangement partner under the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme. We offer free recycling for televisions, computers, printers and computer accessories. Working with EPSA means you are dealing direct with the recycler and not a third party broker.

Get more information on our services for the general public by visiting the EPSA website.